Friday, February 22, 2013

Phallic Friday - "Bad" Sex

Today I want to talk about "bad" sex. And "bad" sex being the kind of sexual encounter you'd really rather forget you ever had. Ever had one of those?

I'm toying with the idea of a 'bad' sex book. Would it be worth reading?

There are lots of ways sex can be bad. Some of them can be quite funny. The first time or a one night stand comes to mind - where you're both fumbling, clumsy, nervous or just not-yet in-tune. Then there's those men who just don't understand that the world doesn't revolve around their penis.

There's also 'bad' sex when regrets rear - before you've left the bed. These aren't funny but can be soul destroying. How do you get through the soul destroying bad sex, to ever have sex again?

I'm pondering a book with a nympho-like heroine, who is compelled to have sex. It's bad, it's funny, it's heart-breaking but she keeps searching for the man who makes sex 'right'. Do you reckon that would work?

I've also been challenged to write a story where the heroine and hero don't like one another at the start. As I write in first person from the heroine's perspective, the challenge is in making the hero redeemable, even when they fight/hate each other/whatever.

So I'm thinking I could combine these ideas. Have a heroine who has really bad sex while searching for 'the one'. She's at odds with her co-worker/neighbour (the hero) and then somehow they tumble into bed and it's amazing. Now she has to work out a way to keep the great sex - even though they don't get along. Hmmm... might need more thinking on this... but not bad for a first thought for me, The Pantser!


  1. You have too many ideas! Do I remember seeing something somewhere that said you needed to concentrate on one idea and get something finished?!
    I'm with Anita (again - I do seem to be saying this a lot) I love the idea too.
    Now go and darn well write it! (to the end or it's cheating)
    Lily M

  2. Hey Lily and Anita,
    Glad you've been agreeing while I've been on holidays :)

    Yes, Lily. I'm an ideas girl. Got a thousand million billion of them. So this will go into the pile. One day I'll get time to write them all.

    I just spent 5 days with my ideas friend, so you can imagine my scrambled mind now!

    Cate xo