Friday, February 27, 2015

Phallic Friday - D/s

Dominance/submission is listed as a fetish, so it's in my list. It'll play a large role in my story.

I think D/s plays a large role in a lot of fetishes - sometimes in an obvious way, and other times with more obscurity. I'm hoping I might be able to show that.

D/s can be done well, or done poorly. In some relationships the Dom/me can be abusive rather than dominant. In others, the sub can be controlling rather than truly submissive. I want to touch on some of these kinds of relationships, have a look at pairings that aren't right...when sometimes the couple don't know they're not right.

To me, it's a mental 'game' so much more than a physical one. And I'm hoping this story might be able to work on that.

Peri is a submissive who's not had a lot of life experience. She's curious about everything and trying to stand on her own, so she's ripe for learning, desperate for knowledge and eager to work out how she's going to fit into this new world. That gives me a lot to play with...I hope!

So there'll be a D/s theme throughout the whole story, but there'll also be D/s themes and characters in scenes within the story.

I think there are some writers who do fantastic D/s scenes, so I'll be reading and re-reading to make sure I can get the right kind of feel. One of the most amazing submissive voices I've read is the opening story in The Big Book of Submission. That story blew me away with the clever insight into the submissive mind. Stories like that give me somewhere to aim ... way way up high!!!


  1. Oh, look - I wouldn't have a clue but I'll be interested in what you come up with. I still haven't read 50 shades - altho a friend I had lunch with last weekend has and said she will lend me the 3 books. Maybe I'll have more of a clue about this whole thing then. I'm sure you will do it more than justice.

    1. I'm not sure 50 shades gives a good representation of a healthy D/s relationship. I suspect it's more an interpretation by someone who wasn't trying to represent a realistic BDSM lifestyle. But I hope you enjoy the read!

      Cate xoxo