Friday, February 13, 2015

Phallic Friday - long hair

Sometimes I like men with long hair - there's something wild and untamed about it. They're bucking society's standards and pleasing themselves. Bad boys :) There are a lot of them as the heroes in romances, so I can't be alone in my thoughts.

But there's also a fetishism about long hair. I don't have that fetish, although I do have long hair. Some men like to watch women brush/comb their long hair. Others like to do the brushing/combing. Sometimes it's not the brushing/combing but the movement of the hair, or the hair wrapped around them, spread over them, tickling or touching them.

Hair fetishism need not to be confined to the hair on a head, it can also be for pubic hair, chest hair, underarm hair, leg hair, fur. It can be for long/short, wet/dry, thick/thin, various/particular colour of hair. Pubic hair extensions can also be a fetishism (merkins anyone?).

There's also haircut fetishism where the cutting of hair, or the paraphernalia associated with that, causes the sexual arousal.

My dancing man had long hair, and one of the girls who works at the club has really long hair (below her butt). Peri has long hair too but not that long.

So I'm going to play with a few of the hair fetishisms in the story. The hot male with long hair, who's a lot wild and quite a wickedly sinful Dom. He's going to intrigue Peri after the dance scene. She's going to question why he's such a popular person at the club. She'll be thinking of his physique, actions and manner, but also his appearance and how much an impact that has on people.

She's going to watch while the long haired lady uses her hair in scenes with men and women - brushing, combing, flicking, washing. She'll watch as the participants react and beg to touch. She'll wonder if she can do the same even though her hair is only to her waist. And she'll wonder about her past.

Then I'll investigate haircut fetishism. One of the long haired people will have their haircut short, or shaved, by someone aroused by this. Or maybe a crowd of people aroused by it...I've only got a draft so far, so it's not very good yet.

Then maybe contrast the person's appeal when they had long hair vs short hair...see if their appeal changed, or if it was only with certain people.

Who thought you could get so many story lines from a single fetish? Have you got any ideas for me?


  1. Along with the tights/stockings in my WIP, a hairbrush does feature prominently, but not in any erotic sense. It's the cue to the guy that his wife is ready. They have sex on Sunday nights, and he knows that it's 'on' if the wife washes her hair and appears at the couch with her hairbrush every Sunday. Yep. It gets boring real quick. But that's interesting too. :)

    1. LOL! I have a friend who reckoned her husband used her washing the sheets as his 'come on' call! It drove her bats because she'd get nice fresh sheets and need to wash them the next day!

      I like the hairbursh idea. Neat :) I'm looking forward to reading this, Lily!

      Cate xox