Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wildlife Wednesday - Koel

This is a male Koel. I've featured the Koel before but with the juvenile/female photo, you can see it here.

I've never seen a male before, but I was doing something outside and I heard a bird land on the bird bath (and there is a smidgey bit of water in it even though it looks empty!). I snuck over to have a look and couldn't believe my eyes - a bird I didn't know! So I went very quietly inside and got my camera and the lovely thing waited for me. So I shot off a heap of photos, then I went inside to the bird book (my well-thumbed bird book!).

So I thought catbird or spangled drongo, but they weren't right. I rang and chatted to Dad because he'd sent me an email about catbirds which had them on my mind. But he agreed it wasn't right. So while I yarned to Dad I flicked through my book and lo and behold, a Koel! Dad and I are familiar with the female/juvenile Koels with their striped tails, but neither of us had seen the male.

So that was my excitement for that day - capturing an image of the male Koel...and adding another bit of knowledge to my wildlife brain.

Do you have Koels near you?

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