Friday, December 27, 2013

Phallic Friday - talking about sex

When writers get together, the conversations can be interesting for any eavesdroppers. I was chatting to a
writer the other day, who doesn't write erotica, and these were the topics covered (in a low ce so as not to embarrass any eavesdroppers):
Pubic hair
Feathers - use of during sex and if it was permitted in different lines
Terminology eg clit, clitoris, nub, tiny pleasure button, cock, dick, penis, arousal, shaft. You get the idea!
Which sex scenes sound genuine and which sound like an 'old' lady trying to write sex.
Condoms and safe sex.
How to ensure a condom is available and the troubles you can get into with this
How to dispose of a condom n a scene when this may not be so easy

In the past, I wrote without thinking about any of this technical detail. Now I think about it, torture my mind trying to get it all right, and even discuss it with other writers. These are the conversations you just don't have with every day friends. They're the conversations you don't really want overheard or taken out of context. But they're fun in a way.

I look back and see that it's taken me some years to get to the point where I'm thinking about these things in a story I must be improving! I hope so.

Do you have such conversations? (And I know we've had these discussions on blogs, Lily)

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