Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday - horses


Happy Christmas!! 

I hope wherever you are you're having a lovely day.

I thought I'd introduce you to my horses - none are with me physically, but they all have a big space in my heart.

When I was a kid, I was horse-mad, but I lived in the city and couldn't have a horse. I promised that one day I'd leave home and live in the country and own a horse.At 23, I did that.

Pippa was my first horse and I loved her dearly. She was given to me at Pony Club by a family who she wasn't suited to. I had her for a couple of years and I learned to ride on her (well, no, I learned to ride on a friend's pony first, then progressed to Pip who was a little flighty!).

Pippa had cancer and died, which left me traumatised and horse-free for a couple of years... but I succumbed!

Kori was horse #2. A lovely quiet stock horse. This is my Mum riding her while I lead. I moved into a farm house with some land and I was allowed to have her with me. Sadly it didn't last long. One night she wrapped her leg up in the fence. It was horrific. After weeks of treatment, the last tendon snapped and I lost Kori.

I decided I was cursed and there'd be no more horses. About 10 years later, my husband bought me Laurie.

Laurie was an ex-racehorse, not long off the track. Oh boy. I may have killed two horses...but I was sure Laurie would kill me. It wasn't that he was was just that I was out of practice and a racehorse relies on confidence. I didn't have it. But I had him at home for a few months and as you can see in the photo down the bottom, he enjoyed being with my dogs! And then we were moving...

A girl I knew loved Laurie. She would ogle him as she rode her horse past our place. So I gave him to her when we left town. This is her riding him. She loved him but he had a back injury that prevented her doing as much as she wanted on him, she she passed him onto another girl who loves him.

And now, about eight years later, my Dad and I own half a tail of a racehorse. She's no Black Caviar (yet) but a country racehorse. We went to see her at her first run and this is she, Sue. Pretty, isn't she? I'm hoping that she'll be a lot of fun.

It's a bit of a dream come true...not only to own horses, but now a share in a racehorse.

Are you horsey?

Family Dinner with Laurie



  1. I was horsey, and my sister still is. My sister and I really bonded when she found a starving, neglected ex-pacer in a paddock and we bought her and reschooled her and loved her up until she was beautiful :)
    Mind you, I once also fractured a neck vertebrae when I came off at a gallop, and my sister has broken her wrist loading a horse onto a float, so owning horses can be a wee bit more dangerous than owning a cat or dog!

    1. Oh, no wonder your sister does so many horse drawings then. Glad you guys are horsey too.

      I broke my finger with Laurie and copped a good kick in the stomach. Pippa and I had a lot of tumbles, one where I was pretty concussed. I don't think I came off Kori. And Sue, well, she's turfed off a few track work riders and jockeys causing breaks. So, yeah, not the safest pet. Nor the easiest to get to a vet.

      Thanks, Rhyll. Happy Christmas.

      Cate xox

  2. I was like you as a girl. Absolutely horse mad. I never had a horse of my own though. We were townies, and we also didn't have the money to have a horse when I was little. Luckily, mum did manage to get riding lessons for me, and then a lady whose children had grown older and didn't care about horses anymore, found herself with extra horses that weren't getting ridden. So I used to go to this lady's place every Sunday for years and years.
    So sorry to hear about the beautiful pony who put his leg in the fence!
    I would *LOVE* to own half a tail of a racehorse. That is so exciting. Good luck with Sue. What is her racing name? Just so I can bet on her and win my fortune!

    1. I knew you and Rhyll would be horsey!

      How awesome you got to learn to ride as a kid. What a great Sunday thing to do.

      I'll let you know how Sue goes.

      Cate xo