Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Story - Believe

Mel Teshco writes steamy erotic stories...but this week it's been a pleasure to read a sweet story from her and be swept up by the beautiful writing and gorgeous story.

Believe is a primarily a story about a brother and sister, James and Josie. Josie has always had visions of death and the dead. As this is not acknowledged in society in general as a particularly good trait to posses, it is unacceptable to their very proper mother. Josie's life is made a misery by her mother, and she spends time in and out of mental institutions.

James' problems manifest differently, and are arguably more detrimental. James is a prescription medicine addict, even as he studies to be a doctor and abhors alcohol due to an alcoholic father. He senses similar things to Josie, however he won't acknowledge any supernatural forces.

Marina lives next door to James and is both friend and romantic interest for him. For Josie, she is understanding and peace.

This is a beautiful, multi-layer story that I thoroughly enjoyed. There is the most exquisite poetry included. This was a joy to read. If you don't mind a walk on the paranormal side of life, have a read of Believe. I hope you enjoy it if you do.

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