Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Story - My Brother-But-One

Way back in 2010, I went to RWAus's first 5-day intensive manuscript workshop. There were 24 of us hopefuls there. I had a story that wasn't erotic but sort of a tribute to my life in rural NSW. Sort of a romance but written in a non-romance manner. Another girl had a story, not really romance, that was a tribute to her African childhood. We were dubbed the 'literaries' because our books didn't fit any real genre.

It was with huge pleasure that I could go to my local bookshop last week and buy the African story. TM Clark's My Brother-But-One. It jumped the To Be Read pile, right into my hands...because I'd waited so long for one of us to have their story published (just in case you're wondering, mine's still waiting!).

My Brother-But-One is a beautifully told story about hardships and violence in Africa, when Zimbabwe was going through civil unrest. But it's not about the country's unrest, it's about a family's struggles within the political climate - and their struggles are not only political but personal too. It's about poaching, killing, working to save the land and the wildlife, about volunteer programs, love and family.

A strange mix of themes but it makes a terrifically powerful, if not always comfortable, read.

Tina Marie Clark has done a brilliant job in weaving a fascinating tale. I dare you not to fall in love with the characters. I dare you not to fall in love with Africa.

I found this is a fascinating story, well-written, well-told and difficult to put down. It was certainly worth waiting all this time to read in full!


  1. Interesting! Thanks for that background Ms Cate.

  2. Hey Cate

    Oh my the years pass so fast don't they. Best thing ever was 5DI!!! Gave me permission to be a literary writer, to follow the beat of my own drum in writing and to just write what I wanted - not to squish it into anyones publishing lines. Was amazing and freeing hey!

    So glad you enjoyed the book in the end. And thank you for the awesome review!

    I'm still waiting to see your novel in its cover - I know it is just around the corner ... and you have been busy with other things...

    Bye 4 now
    T.M. Clark

    1. Hi Tina,
      Thanks for stopping by. I agree that 5DI was the best thing I've done too.

      I loved your book, completely. My hubby read it next and he did too. It's gone as presents for Christmas too. Loved it.

      Cate xo