Sunday, December 29, 2013

Story Sunday - best sellers and random reading

I've been reading quite a bit this week, on holidays. I've learned a bit about my reading self. I like suspense. I like those stories where I can't wait to find out what happens. The ones I devour, often in one sitting, because I can't stand to put the book down.

I haven't been reading those books and I miss them. I've been reading books that other people like, but they don't do it for me. And this is what made me question what it was that's missing for me.

I should like nice books with lovely people and gorgeous settings. I should like sweet books with unreal stories. I should like deeply emotional stories with sweet endings.

And you know, I do like them.

I just don't LOVE them. They aren't the books that keep my attention. They aren't the hooks that have me quickly flipping through page after page as I devour.

They're books that make me feel good, but not exhilarated.

And now I've made this discovery, I wonder about what I write. I don't know that I write suspenseful stories - and I don't mean action suspense, I mean where you're wondering about something. I think I need to challenge myself to something with suspense, something to keep the pages flicking...but maybe I need to read a bit more first :)

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