Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wildlife Wednesday - caterpillars

We've got an influx of caterpillars at home. I've never seen them here before (we've been here almost 8 years now).

They remind me of the caterpillars we used to get on the white cedar trees when I lived out in western NSW. Except we have fewer of them - thank heavens! This was them.

These caterpillars are on the house, in the garden, falling in water buckets, on pot plants, on the car, the back door. We do have a heap of gum trees shading our house (but the neighbour owns them) and I suspect that's where they're coming from...but I'm not game to go into the neighbours to check their trees out closely - they might think I'm a nut :)

I'm trying to find out what they are and I found the best website with lots of caterpillar photos. :) It's here.

But I just can't see what it might be - I keep coming back to the one that's in groups like in western NSW, except these are solitary.

My skills have not improved!!!

I'm off to find one and check it out more.

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