Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Story - So Far Into You

My good writing friend and blog visitor, Lily Malone, has her new book out and it's an absolute gem. Check it out if you like gorgeous characters, a great story, wine, dogs, WA and/or SA. 

So Far Into You.

In a nutshell:
Remy doesn't have much, and Seth has everything. Even though he'd like to share that with Remy, his horrible mother isn't going to let that happen. By chance they meet again, but can their past conflicts be overcome?

The heroine:
Remy is so gorgeous, unassuming, hard-working, independent and she really doesn't have a nasty bone in her body. She's a very worthy heroine.

The Hero:
Seth may be well-off but he's working hard to grow a wine business. Remy brings out the best in Seth whenever they're together. They make a great pair if they can work things out.

Lily Malone has a fabulous way with words. I found some of her descriptions just brought something straight to mind, or made me laugh, or had me admiring her craft. Here are some of the fabulous lines from So Far Into You -

  • "Her dress was the colour of a ripe slice of watermelon."
  • "...stare at the way her nipples fought the fabric..."
  • "...Arum lilies everywhere, white heads popping up like a thousand swans."
  • "...her tummy fluttering like warm silk ribbons in a breeze."
  • "She was a goddamn lawsuit waiting to paper-plane through the door and land writ-side up on his desk"
  • "A winter's ghost stole summer from the sun"
  • "...She liked gardens how she liked her pubic hair: all clipped and trimmed, with nice neat edges. Remy's garden looked like David Attenborough might pop out from behind a bush at any moment with some rare bug clinging to his finger."

I think this book is my favourite of Lily's .... and I'm especially glad there was not one mention of vomit or descriptions of it either (her last story had a vividly described scene) that's a five star review from me ;)


  1. Oh, that's very special that is. I loved the paper plane line, and the pubic hair. :)
    Thanks for reading my book Miss Cate!

    1. It was an absolute pleasure to read it, Miss Lily!

      Cate xo