Friday, July 3, 2015

Phallic Friday - voyeurism

Today's fetish is voyeurism. It always makes me think of that old advertisement, was it for Guinness, when the guy says, "I like to watch." I looked on youtube for it and found this one here - it's not the one I remember, but anyway! Here's the one I remember.

Voyeurism is described on as "the practice of obtaining sexual gratification by looking at sexual objects or acts, especially secretively." 

Voyeurs can do this in person, often using peepholes, or by using technology such as cameras, video recorders, etc. There are clubs where voyeurs can pay to watch sexual activities. And the internet is a voyeur's paradise - easily available porn videos both professionally shot and amateur videos, plus with live streaming and every computer/phone having a camera, there's a huge number of people with sites where they perform.

If you're having sex in public now, you don't just have to be careful of someone walking by and watching...but someone walking by, filming, and allowing the world to watch. Some months ago there was a NZ pair caught at night in the office with the lights on having wild sex. Not only was this watched by people from across the road it was filmed and broadcast everywhere - even the news in Australia. Here it is in the UK Daily Mail. When something is broadcast like this, we all become voyeurs as we watch it (even if we don't enjoy it per se), and the couple are non-consensual exhibitionists (more on exhibitionism next week).

In the 'old days' Peeping Toms were the only voyeurs I knew...they were the 'scary men who'd watch you if you didn't draw the curtains at night'. Did your Mum every scare you with those stories? Mine tried to, maybe because I was showing exhibitionist tendencies at a young age which caused her to panic! I wasn't known for enjoying clothes when I was a kid.

Anyway, voyeurs in a fetish/sex club is definitely something I'll be including in my story. I think it's a fascinating topic, and a fascinating fetish.

Do you, " to watch"?


  1. Ha! I live such a sheltered little life... no clubs around here promote much voyeurism outside of the chook raffle and the occasion pub fight (which I do perversely rather enjoy watching).

  2. Ah, Lily, you always make me laugh! So you're a voyeur of violence rather than sex...interesting! :)

    I have to admit going to a boxing event...and screaming my lungs out in a very undignified way when the young bloke I knew was getting pummelled. So yes, I can see the attraction with fighting! :)

    Cate xoxo