Friday, July 31, 2015

Phallic Friday - touching strangers

This fetish is about getting sexual gratification from touching strangers, especially surreptitiously. This is called Frotteurism.

Have you ever done this, or had it done to you?

I must admit that in my younger years, when dancing and after having more than a few drinks, I have been known to rub up against guys to 'check out their package'. A friend told me she always did it, and I thought she was kidding. But I tried it and it was a lot of fun - for both people. Oh, so I guess I wasn't doing this surreptitiously, hey? If you've had a few too many drinks, nothing is very sneaky, is it?

This has happened to me too, especially when I was going to school on public transport. Mostly I thought it was just a crowded train so I'll never really know if they were rubbing against me and getting off on it.

But once, I was on a train heading away from Sydney towards Melbourne (the overnighter) and it was an old train with those dog boxes (that's what we called them, maybe not the technical name), where there were sectioned off  'rooms' along the carriage and each 'room' had two bench seats facing each other where 4 - 5 people could sit on each side. Above were luggage racks and space below the seats too. It was cold and draughty, but when the windows and doors were closed and night fell, it could be kind of snuggly (there was a funny little heater too for winter nights).

So this night I'm on the train with a bunch of strangers but we'd chatted while the sun was up and shared food and what not. It was a mix of guys and girls, young and old. The train was going to arrive at my destination about 2.30 am, so I'd always sleep and the conductor would wake me (and any passenger, if you remained in your assigned seat). So I'm asleep, and I'm toasty warm, snuggled up, and absolutely loving the bliss...except I started to wake, to find I'm cocooned by the guy who was next to me (he looked like a muso - long hair, angular features, he was really quiet and intense) and we have a doona over us...and he's not just rubbing himself against my butt and leg, he has his hands on my breasts and he's going for it. OMG. I had no idea what to do. Everyone's asleep. He's almost there and I'm feeling pretty damn good, if a little weirded out. What the hell should I do?

I pretended to stay asleep :) It seemed the easiest option. He got his satisfaction, I wasn't completely embarrassed, and then the conductor came to wake me. I smiled and thanked the guy before racing away!

Mum would have told me that I should have screamed and reported him. Probably most sane people would say the same. But I didn't. I didn't want to embarrass him, the rest of the people, myself. Besides, he was hardly harming me...there was no penetration, no clothing removal, and even his hands were gentle and remained on my outer garments. I wasn't hurt. In a way I kind of enjoyed the strange event...and I remember it even though it happened over 20 years ago. It was one of those weird encounters that you're not sure if it happened or you dreamed it. I wonder now if he had this fetish, or if he was just taking advantage of an unsuspecting, sleeping traveller?

I think this is one of those peculiar but kind of fun fetishes.
If you want to read a story that delves into this fetish, try Charlotte Stein's Closer. This is the blurb:

Judy has a bad habit, one that gets worse during the busy Christmas season. She likes to rub against strangers on trains. And with all the hot businessmen on her route, she’s not kicking the habit anytime soon. After all, she’s not really hurting anyone. But she definitely feels dirty when a gorgeous stranger catches her in the act—until it’s clear he wants to join in, and he’s not the type to take no for an answer. In fact, he isn’t taking no for an answer on a lot of things.Judy may think she’s only willing to go so far, or get so close. But Holt thinks differently…

Well, that was tricky to find. If you want to read it, you'll have to find it in the anthology Merry Kinkmas and buy it from Ellora's Cave. The link is here and it's on special for $5 - containing more than just this fabulous story.


  1. I have a feeling this might have happened to me on the London Underground 25 years ago. (It's probably happened to every man or woman riding the Underground tho, whether it was something intended or not).
    I like the sound of Charlotte's book!

    1. Charlotte's book was heaps of fun - but it's a while since I read it so I can't give you details. But all her books are fun!

      Glad that this hasn't only happened to me :) And yes, the Underground and all that crowding and silence, is the perfect place for sneaking people rubbing you up!

      Cate xox