Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wildlife Wednesday - Grey Butcherbird

A year ago, I did a post about Grey Butcherbirds at Dad's place - you can find it here. Today, I bring you my own Grey Butcherbird, an immature one. He's so very cute.

I've been feeding the little family of magpies for months now, and often after they've been, I've heard a butcherbird nearby but he hasn't shown his face. Then more recently, he's been perching on my clothesline but keeping his distance. I've been tossing him a bit of meat when he visits and eventually he started coming down and collecting it. Then this week, he called out and sat in the nearby tree waiting for me to feed him, which allowed me to get some photos.

It's exciting seeing these birds come into the backyard, and even more exciting when they decide that it's a safe place to visit and feed.

I really miss having my dogs around...but the native wildlife makes up a little bit of the 'loneliness'.

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