Friday, June 12, 2015

Phallic Friday - hairlessness

Today's fetish is about shaving and/or hairlessness, which is acomophilia (if you want complete hairlessness) or acomoclitic (if it's just hairless genitals). I guess with acomoclitic it's mostly about the appeal of the pre-pubescent, but there can also be an element of 'cleanliness', an OCD component, and/or the dislike of any coarse touch.

The more I'm investigating these fetishes, the more I think there are so many inter-related fetishes, that it's difficult to really separate one from another.

Or maybe it's the fact that people are particular about what they lumping likes into one category isn't quite as simple as the world would like.

If you're interested in this fetish, there's an interesting article here, written by a professor who studies obsessive or extreme behaviours.

There seems to be a fetish for women liking bald men, men liking bald women, people liking hairless genitals, and people liking hairless people, some even preferring it in more I've probably not thought/read about.

I wonder if society has 'exacerbated' this preference for hairlessness with photoshopping images so that no body hair 'destroys' the image? Particularly with women, there's a societal expectation to have no visible under arm hair, leg hair, or public hair, plus eyebrows should be tamed. Just this week, some celebrity was mentioned for attending an event in a sleeveless shirt/dress which showed their underarm hair. There's also been recent media articles about women choosing not to shave/depilate (Not sure if I've made that word up...but there's depilation and depilatory, so surely there's depilate!)...yet why is this worthy of attention?

I guess the Brazilian waxing has been around forever...well, at least back to ancient Egypt where hair removal was for hygienic purposes. So maybe modern society isn't to blame.

It's an interesting fetish...and one I'm going to think about more. I thought more about genital hairlessness than about bald maybe my story needs to incorporate some bald heads, not just bodies.

Are you into hair or no hair? Or does it depend on which body part?

And does acomophilia/acomoclitic make you think of old guys with comb overs? :)

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