Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wildlife Wednesday - Black Swans

Just a quick post this week because I have visitors.

The Black Swans have come back. They've been away for the summer - wonder where they went - but have returned. The black dots on the sand bar here are about a third of the black swans that were lined up there. I couldn't get a shot of them all because this sand bar is in the middle of the river and this is zoomed in heaps so you can see them. There must have been a couple of hundred birds - 2 pelicans, 1 cormorant and the rest black swans! It was amazing.


  1. Shows what I know - I thought these were only in WA?

    1. Maybe they spent the summer in WA :)

      NSW definitely has black swans. They're in lots of ponds in parks. Maybe they holiday in the east :)

      Cate xo