Friday, April 10, 2015

Phallic Friday - fetishes on TV

Just a break from my list because I'm a little excited! I watched Criminal Minds last night and it feature fetishes...and a fetish I've done but didn't actually discuss! How remiss of me.

A couple of weeks back we looked at 'leg things' and discussed toe sucking, shoes, stockings, etc.

Last night's episode of Criminal Minds took this even further. A guy had a leg fetish...and he collected legs from dead people, had them stored in silica and ammonium hydroxide in his garage, and took them out to caress them, often. His wife said before they were married she'd caught him humping a mannequin but he told her he was struggling to fix it, so she ignored him.

He wasn't the killer, because fetishists are usually pacifists (I think that's what they said) and don't go outside their fetish (for this guy, the leg was the object of value, the capture, torture, killing and death were not things he'd be interested in).

So after the episode, it looks like fetishes might be a bit of a theme in this season of the show. Or maybe it's online groups, and fetishes were only touched on in this episode. Anyway, it was interesting to see something feature on TV that I'd been interested in anyway.

Are you a Criminal Minds fan?

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