Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday - maybe an Australian Gannet

Gannet flying searching for food
The story of my life... I find this awesome animal (in this case a bird) and I think I know what it is and then I look up info and go to write it up here... and I have doubts, then serious doubts, then spend an hour going through what else it might be, and then finally confidence shattered!

So today's visitor is the Australian Gannet (but I thought it could have been a petrel or a shearwater, but now I'm leaning more to a gannet because petrels and shearwaters shouldn't be here in winter).

On Sunday we had a glorious day here and Mr E and I went for a lovely long beach walk (I had interval and he went for an even longer walk!). During my interval, I spent a lot of time watching these birds feeding. They were spectacular. I've chosen a series of photos here to display what I saw. Hope you enjoy them.

Diving - a closer pic

The splash after they've dived
Coming out of the water

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