Friday, July 4, 2014

Phallic Friday - indecent heroes

I read a post about 'When Heroes Fall', on the Wonk Girls site the other week, you can read it here, and although I wasn't aware of these heroes and their falls, the post stuck with me and made me think about Aussie heroes who fall, especially this week.

Rolf Harris always reminded me a bit of my Dad and was always a popular figure on TV in our house. And this week he's been found guilty of 12 counts of indecent assault. I was horrified, but what horrified me even more was on the news that night, while reporting this 'event', at least 5 men came on to speak about how they knew what Rolf Harris was like when they worked with him X number of years ago.

And that disgusts me even more.

The same happened with Robert Hughes, the father from Hey Dad.

How on earth can these men, grown men, with a high position in the television industry, know what happens to kids in their care and ignore it - and get away with it??

Don't these men have a duty of care to report this and make sure action is taken? Shouldn't they be keeping kids safe and away from these predators?

I think what both these celebrities have done is disgusting, but I also think that those many people who knew what they were like and did nothing, are also disgusting - and they aren't penalised for the role they played.

It sickens me that people in places of power or authority can use that to their advantage. It's worse when their needs are put above those of an innocent child. Children have a right to be cared for and nurtured. To live safely and happily. To not be exposed to the adult world until they're ready.

And adults have a role and a responsibility to make sure this happens.

When Heroes Fall it's shocking - but the number of people who've kept quiet and allowed them to be improper 'heroes' really makes my blood boil.

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