Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday - Rock Wallabies

Spot the wallabies
Once again on the Western Australian holiday, we stopped a night at Ellendale Pools, which was magnificent.

I was standing taking some photos of the pool, which was as still as glass, with these rocks behind it with the setting sun shining on them.

There was movement that caught my eye and I saw two rock wallabies, almost the same colour as the rocks, hopping across the rock face. Then they spied me and froze. If they weren't moving, I'm not sure I would have spotted these guys.

This is nature's camouflage at it's finest.

If you can't see them, draw an imaginary line across the middle of my photo. Just above the line, a little to the right of centre is the leading wallaby. The behind is about halfway between the left edge and the centre, and a smidgey bit higher.

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