Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Player of the Year

The NRL (rugby league in Australia) has the Dally M awards, where an award is give to the best player in each position, the best captain, coach, rookie, representative player and ultimately the Player of the Year.

Tonight was the night of nights and my latest story inspiration was in with a good chance - but he has been for a few years now and not won this award.

But tonight he won! And I feel like celebrating - even though I don't go for his team, don't know him, and it's probably more than a little creepy to write an erotic story about someone you've never met. But anyhow...

Cooper Cronk is the 2013 Player of the Year!


Now I just need to finish the damn story :)

PS Just thought I should add... it's not just cos he's cute and has awesome muscles that he caught my attention. He's a master on the footy field. He dictates play, reads the game so he knows what's happening ahead of time, and has a kicking game with this awesome pin-point accuracy, which takes hours and hours and years and years of practice to perfect. In the 1980s Peter Sterling brought out the same feelings - guess I haven't really grown up!

Dally M Awards
Here's a picture from news.com.au of him at the awards ceremony.

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