Friday, October 11, 2013

Phallic Friday - sex in romance novels

I've been having a good chuckle about this post He of the Mighty Wang, by Amy Andrews.

In the post, she says that she feels 'ripped off' if the hero in a romance novel isn't hugely endowed and doesn't bring the heroine to a huge orgasm. This made me laugh. I've always wondered why the heroes in romances are so big sometimes it makes my eyes water - even though I'm only reading!

In my pondering about writing and sex, I've been thinking that it needs to be kind of real (especially with the condom debate). I mean, if the condom has to be on to promote safe sex, shouldn't we be making things a little real? Like he comes before her, he is 'normally' endowed, they laugh during sex, it can be messy and confronting and confusing. 

But then should we go so far as to have someone fart, or have shaving rash, or a headache? Should sex be awkward the first time, when you may not be in tune, when things just don't fit easily, where you're self-conscious or overwhelmed?

There's a fine line between doing what's real and playing at fantasies.

As a reader, I didn't realised that the hugely hung hero was all myth until AA's article. I thought it was a fantasy but that there must be some hugely-hung men. I've spent some years looking for the stallion man - unsuccessfully too.

Do we have an obligation to readers to have some heroes who are more on the normal side of penis size - but still give wicked orgasms?

I admit, I'd feel ripped off if the hero's cock was something to be held between the heroine's fingertips... but does he need stallion proportions?Something for me to ponder.

Let me know how you feel... or if you've noticed this huge phenomenon.


  1. I read Amy's post too and got a giggle from it. In Fairway, I'm making my guy just normal, not gigantic. There's a reason for that which should be fun.
    But I agree, imagine if you heroine said something along the lines of: "is it in yet?"

    1. I had decided to always have heroes with decent size cocks but not ginormous. Now I'm wondering how much fun it could be to have a hugely hung guy and a poor tiny innocent heroine who fainted whenever she saw it! LOL!

      Glad you enjoyed AA's post too.

      Cate xo