Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday

I'm extending my backyard for the next few weeks and going out to the beach. I'm out of immediate backyard things - but my eyes are open to stock up on more :)

This little guy was at the beach, which is a few blocks from my house. Can you see him camouflaged in the vegetation? (In case you can't find him, look just to the right and up from the middle of the picture and look for a grey stripey lizard looking thing - see him?)

He'd be about 7 cm long, so he's pretty little. I looked up Dragons, Lashtails, Lizards and Geckos and damnit, I couldn't find him. Gosh, story of my life lately! I better start finding things I know, not these cute strange things that shouldn't live here :)


  1. He is cute. Is he some kind of skink? I call just about everything smaller than a bob-tail goanna a skink. (Hubby calls bob-tails, Sleepy Lizards.)
    Very scientific in this house aren't we!
    Anyway he's cute and I'm wildly jealous of you living a few streets from the beach. (Don't lose the house if you're having trouble finding things).
    Have a great day.
    Lily xx

    1. He must be some kind of lizardy thing, Lily. He is cute but they're shy too. I kind of flunked this shot.

      I'm amazed we live near the beach - still! After years inland, when hubby got a job on the coast I went Internet house looking cos if you're on the coast, you have to be near the beach - that was my motto. Anyway, I got further from the beach and further down the coast and the houses got smaller too until finally budget matched house! So we're in a small sleepy town, a small house, but at night I can hear the sea and I can walk to the beach. Took some finding but was worth it :)

      Cate xo