Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A book cover tells...well, forty one thousand words

The book cover can make or break a story, so they say.

I was in my library this morning consciously aware of how my eye skimmed the spines looking for something to pique my interest (today was colour - a blue-green day). Some days a heap of books leap off the library shelf for me, other days (like today) I struggle to be interested in one.

Initially I didn't think e-books had the same effect. But, oh boy, was I put right. In romance, if you use certain male models on your cover, there are readers who "collect" books just for his image. Blows your mind, right? And when you're looking on e-book sites, often my eye is drawn to a cover that's in those "recommended for you" books, other times I don't notice them.

A cover is important to you and your book. It needs to convey what's in all those words you painstakingly wrote and edited. It needs to encapsulate the story in an image. It needs to draw in readers.

And last night I saw my new Escape cover for The Virginity Mission. Oh, my! It's a stunner. I'd be looking at it twice even if it didn't have my name on it. It tells my story in one image. I love it. The cover fairies have excelled.

And hopefully I can show you really soon....


  1. I cannot wait to see your cover. Roll on June!

  2. One thing that bugs me with e-books once you buy them... they always start you off right there at chapter 1. Once you've clicked and it arrives on a kindle (my kindle anyway at least), I have to scroll backward to read the cover, dedication etc. They must think I'm impatient to start reading.
    If it was a 'real' book, I'd start with the cover etc wouldn't I. I think e-books should start on the cover too.
    Your cover is AMAZING. I love it. (I'm repeating myself because I'm working your posts backwards... :)

    Lily M