Friday, April 26, 2013

Phallic Friday - penis envy

A fun post for today - well I hope you find it fun!

This past week I've had the pleasure of the company of my family - my dad, a sister and her 2 kids - Mr 5 and Ms 1.5. I was Mr 5's chosen bath helper and the other night we were in the bathroom and I was trying to get him out of the bath and dry - not an easy feat some nights. Somehow we had a conversation that went something like this -

Mr 5 - I have a penis.
Me - Yes, I know. You're a boy.
Mr 5 - I have a sac too with my testicles.
Me - Yes. Boys have that too.
Mr 5 - You don't have them.
Me - No, I don't.
Mr 5 - They're not much fun to have.
Me - Well, I think they'd be great. You get to pee wherever and whenever you want to.

Conversation got distracted and I can't remember what happened - which seemed the theme for the week.

Next day, Mr 5, Dad and I go out fishing in Dad's tinny (small boat). After a time Mr 5 has to pee. So Dad holds the bucket for Mr 5 to aim at (a cut off milk container, no huge bucket here - the bait was sacrificed for the peeing). I couldn't help myself but point out that for 40 years I had been hanging on to my pee in the fishing boat, while all the boys who fished with us, could just pee into a container while I had to avert my eyes and grinding my teeth with jealousy. Dad laughed. He could hardly remember such occasions but I could rattle them off the top off my head.

Mr 5 realised that having a penis wasn't so bad.

Aunty Cate realised she still had penis envy!


  1. I've got two boys, 5 & 3 and we have 'willy' discussions all the time. The funniest thing is my youngest got wind of the word 'nuts' for testicles... but he called them his 'knuckles'...
    All of us (Mr 5 included) have laughed when my youngest starts chatting away about his knuckles. :)
    Great story Cate.

    1. Ha ha that's too funny. His knuckles!

      My grandfather used to give us pretend knuckle sandwiches (a punch to the mouth) - this gives a whole new image for me :)

      Thanks, Lily.

      Cate xo