Friday, December 18, 2009

What seduces you?

So, if it's all about body language... what seduces you?

For me, it's eyes. A pair of eyes that can see right into you. Ones that don't flick away from your stare. Ones that match your gaze for that "too long" period. Ones that caress while they examine.

I know some friends who like butts. I don't even look. Okay, well, maybe... but it's usuallyy when someone mentions "he's got a great butt"... or when they're naked and walking away from me. If I can draw my eyes away from their shoulders, then I do look at their butt. But really, it's not high on my list of body features.

Oh, kind of got off body language then, didn't I?

I'm not a big toucher. I don't touch to seduce and I don't really respond to it either. I think it's too... obvious. I like mine subtle.

But I'm writing about an obvious seduction with lots of touching. And older woman and a younger girl. I just think most women are touchers. Am I wrong?

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