Monday, December 21, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

What is your Christmas wish?

A new whip? chains? handcuffs?
A dildo? inflatable dildo?
A real man/woman?
A hot pick up?
Steamy sex ... in the shower? in front of the log fire? on the beach? anywhere?

My Christmas wish is to win the December Mainstream Erotica short story contest. Silly, I know when there are such juicy things to wish for! But if I can win that and write each month, and get some money for it, not to mention publishing history and publication credits... ahhhh... I would be a happy girl.

And then.... maybe the new year's resolution could be buy an inflatable dildo, new handcuffs, find a hot pick up and have steamy sex in the shower!!

Well, a girl's gotta have dreams....

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