Thursday, December 10, 2009

One Night Stands

Do you have one night stands? Or have you had a one night stand? What's so attractive about them? I've had a few ... and the passion is often huge. Is it real? How does it happen? There's usually some primitive connection that makes you burn with lust... well for me anyway. Is that what happens to you?

I'm trying to write a story about one... but how do you capture that intensity in words? How do you capture that lust? the desire? the connection that happens so quickly?

Sometimes I have barely spoken to the person, yet you know the connection is there. How? Sometimes it's an igniting touch. Sometimes it's just eye contact.

And what makes it stay a one nighter? If a connection is there, why does it go in the morning? Or is the connection only there because you know it will go?

I picked up one night and I still think about the guy. It wasn't just that the sex was hot (and it was hot, hard, fast - just how I needed it). We didn't talk at all before, just eye contact got us fucking. But afterwards... our talk was raw, personal, deep. How did we have that connection? How do I capture that in words?

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