Friday, July 24, 2015

Phallic Friday - tattoos

Today's fetish is tattoos. I'm not talking about the single tattoo you get, and probably not even that sleeve, or those sleeves. This is more when tattoos become who you are, or change who you are.

A good example, and probably the first person I saw who did this, is The Lizardman. He has a website here. He has tattooed his body, and had other body modifications, so that he now resembles a lizard. He has a FAQ section which makes for interesting reading. His reason for body modification has everything to do with performance art, as well as philosophical questioning on what it means to be human. He makes no mention of the word fetish...and maybe it's not a true fetish because it doesn't seem to be done for sexual gratification. So maybe I need to re-think him as an example. But he's the first person who pops into my mind when I think of a tattooing fetish.

When Googling this, I've found sites where people talk about sexual gratification from the pain of being tattooed (stigmatophilia). One guy says "...I just love having ink, I love getting it, I love the pain, I love the healing, I love looking at it and I love when women touch it." He's on his way to getting his whole body covered in tatts.

There are people who get off on self-tattooing. These may not be intricate designs, just a series of dots. There are websites that link tattoos with another fetish, the most common seems to be foot fetishes linked with tattoo fetish, so there are heaps of videos of feet being tattooed. And if that's your must seriously love youtube!

One of the Dragons footy players has some serious tattoos that tell the story of his life. I don't know if he'd call it a fetish, but there are heaps and heaps of tattoos on him - and still space for more. If you're interested, Google "Josh Dugan tattoos" there's a few stories about his tatts and some stunning photos of them too. I have to admit to studying them quite closely when we're at the Dragons games (Mr E's team)...they've inspired a bit of a story too. I develop a little bit more of the story at each game we go to. So I might have to do a whole story with a guy who has a tattoo fetish, and a girl who's an artist, mesmerised by his tatts.

Are you a fan of tatts? Or do you have a tattoo fetish?

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