Friday, July 17, 2015

Phallic Friday - piercings

Today's fetish is piercings. Body piercings are becoming more acceptable in society than when I was a kid. It was rare when I was growing up for anyone to even have their ears pierced, now, even babies have their ears pierced without a lot of kerfuffle.

But this fetish is more than ears. This is about piercings in lots of body parts, but more particularly those associated with sex. So not just genitals, but tongues and nipples too.

People have all manner of reasons for piercings, some like the look, or the way it feels, or the extra pleasure a piercing can give if used correctly.

There are some who use piercing as a part of their sexual play. They may insert decorated needles to form a pattern (eg corset) or to enhance the pleasure-pain of a sex act, or foreplay. These piercings aren't permanent. I've also heard it called needle play.

Piercings can also include stretching of the pierced site, to allow for 'holes' to develop which can also be used for decoration/jewellery and/or play.

Piercing isn't new, it's been used in some cultures for centuries.

If you're interested, Wikipedia has images for these, but if you don't want to go checking it out, here it is in words :)

Male Genital Piercings include:
Ampallang: a horizontal piercing through the penis
Apadravya: a vertical piercing through the penis
Prince Albert: a ring-style piercing that extends along the underside of the glans from the urethral opening to where the glans meets the shaft of the penis
Reverse Prince Albert: enters through the urethra and exits through a hole pierced in the top of the glans
Dydoe:  pierces through the coronal rim of the glans
There's also foreskin piercing (if uncircumcised), frenum piercing (at the back of the head), lorum piercing (where penis and scrotum connect) and hafada piercing (on the scrotum).

Female Genital Piercing include:
Various clitoral piercings, along with labial and vulval piercings, and piercing of the mons pubis.

There's also pubic and anal piercings (anal through the anus itself, and guiche that passes horizontally through the perineum).

This fetish will definitely be used in the story. As for me, I don't even have my ears pierced!

How do you go with this fetish?


  1. I do have my ears pierced, but I don't wear ear-rings much. It's amazing really that they don't just heal over.
    I admire piercings most of the time. Particularly nose studs. I'd like one of those, but I'll never get one. I think it's a case of 'less is more' - like a simple nose ring or stud I think can look amazing. a good friend has one and I'm wildly jealous of it.

    1. I have really crappy skin that gets lots of infections for no reason, which has always stopped me getting a piercing...I'm scared I'll end up with some massive infection that will kill me!! LOL

      I've always been interested in a clit ring...because they're supposed to be awesome for pleasure. But I'm such a chicken, I'd probably not get one even if I could, because what if they buggered it up and you never got pleasure again?

      Maybe a nose ring would be the deal :)

      Cate xo