Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday - bearded dragon

It's summer in Australia and it's the time of lizards :)

I'm a big fan of lizards and we have some cool ones in my garden that I've talked about before - Blue tongues (and again) and Eastern Water Skinks - and some down the beach - baby water dragons and adults and another lizard - and some from out west like the bogeye. WOW... I didn't realise I had so many!

Well, to add to my collection, here's another from out West - the Bearded Dragon. This one was at Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo, in September. It was just warming up and he was on the road sunning himself and prime position to be run over. He's not an exhibit, he's native wildlife just living at the zoo.

So, Mr E stopped so I could do some shepherding and move the lizard off the road...I just had to get a photo while doing so!

This guy was not happy about my interference. He was quite indignant that I tried to pick him up, so much so that he reared up and took off like lightning...and then propped, right on the other side of the road. So, I had to shoo him off further, by now with an audience of other cars waiting to get through.

Do you move animals off roadways?

PS If you want some info on the Bearded Dragon, ask fellow Ninja Sarah Belle who owns one, or you can check out the Fact Sheet on the Reptile Park's website here. You might have a chuckle at the male's 'frantic head bobs and arm waving' to attract the female's attention.

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