Friday, December 12, 2014

Phallic Friday - the humbler

Cathleen Ross in her story, Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives Nella, introduces the humbler. Nella is a Domme to Michael's sub - and this play allows Michael, a gazillionaire and property developer, to relax after a busy week at work, giving his complete trust to his wife.

In this story, the humbler is used as a tool largely for humiliation. It can also be used as a restraint and/or a tool for extra arousal. Really... the possibilities are endless :)

So...what is a humbler? There are some websites with some incredible pictures but they are very graphic so don't go looking at work or with kids. This website, Femdom Resources, has a great collection of images.

It's basically a contraption (metal usually) that is locked around the base of the balls (like if your fingers encircled the flesh close to the body, above the testes). There are 'wings' coming from there that fit around the back of the thighs, under the buttocks. So, you place it at the back of a man's thighs, then lock it tight above his balls. The balls hang down, exposed.

This keep a man on all fours, as he can't extend his back or legs without pulling on his scrotum with the metal pressing down on his balls. It also has the man's butt exposed, and if you're into anal play, your man is trapped and exposed for you. It's also perfect for slapping or whipping butt cheeks as well.

The humbler... makes your man humble...and Nella uses that to her complete advantage, spending up on her husband's corporate credit card! The secret life of the very rich :)

If you need an image, let me know and I can burn your eyes with one :) I just didn't want you to have balls in your face on a Friday!


  1. Once again, Lily has learned something on Phallic Friday.

    1. Heee heee heee

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