Monday, December 1, 2014

Mia Hoddell's 12 Days Of Christmas

I'm honoured to be a part of Mia Hoddell's 12 Days of Christmas. You can find the other guests here.

This invitation came by sheer fluke. I thanked a reviewer for her review of Deep Diving. She's a friend of Mia's and through this chance I was invited as a guest. Mia Hoddell writes YA (young adult) and NA (new adult) stories. I was a bit concerned I didn't fit, but I'm still there.

And then the blurb for her celebration came, and it says, "I have a fantastic line up of NYT Best-sellers, USA Today Best-sellers, Amazon Bests-sellers, and amazing indies who will be posting from Dec 1st to Dec 12th."

NYT Best seller - nope, not me.
USA Today best seller - nope, not me either.
Amazon best seller - ah, nope, not that either.
Amazing Indie - that's not me either.

See, I still don't fit, yet I'm on the list. And I'm going to wear it with pride :)

Cate's childhood Christmas
Mia is in the UK, so to get some promotion in a different country is good. Well, I hope it's good! I hope it will mean some new readers.

For me, it means 30 new authors to go and check out!

So for the next 12 days I'll be plugging this event. My post is up on the 6th December, so there will be extra plugging day.

And hopefully my Christmas post doesn't show how much I really don't fit. Does my Christmas photo look too 80s?? I'm worried it was before all these authors were born!! ;)


  1. I'll be back on the 6th. Great news for you Cate!

    1. We'll see if it translates into anything more than just a blog visit :)

      Cate xo