Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sydney Housewives - Nella

Lana's best friend, Nella, is out today!!

Nella is a Domme...and I am so keen to read her secret life. I want to watch her whip her husband into submission...or maybe not whip, maybe she ties him...or humiliates him...or...

And I heard whispers of a humbler...

Oh! I can't wait!!


  1. I read Lana, because you wrote her, and I liked Lana enough (because you wrote her), but I don't think the Secret Housewives as a rule are going to be for me. But that said, I do love how other people seem to be getting into them, so well done all of you.

    1. You are a lovely, lovely friend, Lily. Thank you for reading Lana because she was mine. *huge hugs*

      They're going to attract a different crowd, I think, mostly erotic readers. And although 50SOG (that's the book, not the band!) hit mainstream, I don't think too many other erotic stories do.

      Thanks so much, Lily.

      Cate xox