Friday, December 5, 2014

Phallic Friday - sexting

Are you into sexting? Maybe I need to explain what sexting is - it's sending someone explicit photos or messages via mobile phone. So, what are your thoughts?

I have to admit that mobile phones aren't really my best friend. I pretty much loath them! Why? I think it's the 'on call' thing. I don;t want to be contacted at every moment of the day and night. I like to have my own space. I like to miss calls if I'm busy or don't feel like talking. Is that an awful thing to say?

I own a mobile phone...but it's on silent almost always, and it may not be charged. And it's somewhere in my lounge room, I think, unless I left it some place else! I'm not good, I told you.

If I grew up with mobiles, I would be a sexter. Years ago, I had a friend and we'd send each other Polaroid photos by mail (as in, in a letter by post). We didn't live near each other, so we didn't see each other a lot, but email was our friend (and phone and mail). If we had mobiles'd hate to think!

The Polaroids we'd send each other were never blatant (but they would be if I sexted!). They were suggestive more than explicit - a lacy edge of a bra over a mound of breast, the upraised sheet over an erect cock, a side on shot of an open mouth, a shot along a stomach.

Did I think about him using them for nefarious purposes? No. I trusted him. I never thought of after, or if we broke up nastily, or anything like that.

Would I worry if it had been more explicit? Probably not when I was young. Now, I might think twice.

But I'm pretty trusting of relationships...which is probably silly because most relationships end, but now images, words, thoughts, ramblings, they're all on file, caught on the world wide web, and there forever!

I'm glad I didn't grown up with a mobile in one hand and my life on the net...although, it would have made for some hot sexting!!!


  1. There's a reason you and I get on so well... we are very much alike!
    I hate mobile phones too. I don't even know my own number. I forget to read it. Today I happened to dig it out of my bag because I wanted to send hubby a text, and I saw a message from Saturday from one of the school mums who was inviting my Mr 7 to go on an expedition with her boy on the Sunday (it was his birthday). And here's me reading this text on a Wednesday, having missed the entire thing. There was much apologising.
    People are far more likely to get me via email. I'm always on email. I agree with you about the 'on call' thing. I have to answer the phone as part of my job, so I hate answering the phone at home. If people email, or tweet you - well it's up you as the recipient whether you log on/log in to read emails/tweets - in other words, you've chosen at that time to be sociable and you're in the mood.
    An incoming call on the other hand is completely different and it's usually like an interference when I'm in the middle of something (e.g. writing). I'm sure no one who rings our house ever thinks: "ooh, I won't ring now - Lily would have both kids at school and the house would be quiet and she isn't at work yet so I bet she's writing. I'll leave her to it."
    No! They ring!!
    xxx (sorry about the rant)

  2. and p.p.s - on that note, no, I have never sexted anyone in my life. Nor will I. Even if I loved mobile phones!