Friday, November 21, 2014

Phallic Friday - sexual fantasies

I found this report online recently about sexual fantasies. It's a study trying to determine what's 'normal' and what is 'abnormal'. Why we need to categorise this stuff is another argument, so I'll just not touch that today!

Here are some of the interesting bits in the article -

It seems few fantasies are, by statistical definition, rare, unusual — or even typical.

Men fantasise more often than women. But not dramatically so.

The big disconnect between the sexes, however, is what comes after the fantasy.

Men mostly would like their daydreams to become reality.

Women, however, have a much clearer delineation between fantasy and desire. They tended to report little interest in trying the real thing.

The most common fantasies for women were: submission, sex with strangers, and using specific exotic locations.

The most common fantasies for men were: a threesome, cheating on their partner with someone they know.

The most common dreams were: sex in a romantic location, oral sex, and group sex.

There was some disconnect between the fantasies men enjoy, and those women enjoy.

I'm surprised that these results contain no mention of any fetishes. To me, these seem rather tame, and often fantasies people would be comfortable discussing with much laughter, over a beer. I was looking for a bit more depth to people's fantasies. Maybe I'm just abnormal :)

Are you surprised by these results?


  1. Do you think the dream about oral sex is because not many men get oral sex from their wives? It's hard to know what age group this was, or if the partners are married. Do you think married men/women would have the same fantasies generally? (I mean as opposed to single men/women).
    I didn't click the link because your links always get me in FB trouble with the ads! ;)

    1. Hi Lily,
      The article gave little information about the study at all - it was a pretty rubbish story and there seems to be more and more of those with this constant need for news.

      It would be interesting to see if fantasies differed between married and single people. So much more this article could have said, I'm sure.

      Cate xo