Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday - footy kangaroos

Just a little diversion from the usual wildlife. I took a bazillion photos at the footy and thought I'd share some.

And please note: they aren't all Cooper Cronk (just mostly!), one of men who inspired my story Deep Diving!!

The first game was a test match between the Australian Jillaroos and the New Zealand Silver Ferns - women's rugby league. How I wished I was twenty years younger! I always wanted to play rugby league but had to settle for mixed touch footy.

The Jillaroos
The roos pre-game, watching the Jillaroos

Warm ups

Post try celebrations

OMG....imagine mango on there!
Directing play

How could you resist wolf-whistling that!?
Warm up thoughts

We had these amazing seats, right next to the place where the Aussies ran out onto the ground.

Second half of the girls game, the boys came out to watch. I had to re-evaluate my views on some players. I am not a fan of some of them, and of course, they were the guys who spent ages signing autographs and being photographed with kids.

Then the boys came out to warm up pre-game. Wow, right in front of us. Mr E was groaning, but my camera was clicking almost as wildly as my heart was pounding! :)

The game was incredible. Australia clicked as a team. Lots more celebration and back slapping and high fives than the last few weeks. It was awesome to see. Cooper scored two tries, not right in front of me...but he scored two, so I couldn't complain!

And he stood in front of me enough times so I have a bazillion photos of his behind! (Not sure Mr E has read the scene with the muscle-dance self pleasuring but it crossed my mind more than once!).

Then just to make my day the most super fantastic it could possibly be... Coops swapped shirts...holy hell...his chest...not just his legs...I was in heaven! LOL. Mr E just groaned aloud.
David Klemmer's debut try

The Kangaroos

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