Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Story - waiting, waiting, waiting

I'm a naturally impatient person. I like to get in, get something done, do something else. This is a crazy industry to get into with that attitude!! Although, science wasn't a lot better. You're always waiting around for results, or you get results and have to do more because it's brought up more questions than answers.

Anyway...I'm waiting at the moment. I'm also writing in a different genre to this one, and I have a book I've been working on for 5 years. So you can imagine I'm kind of over that book by now, with my impatient attitude, can't you? But it's loved by my mates who've read it and they've kept me at it for those 5 years. Without them it would have been boxed up about 4 years ago!

This book is the book I wrote when we first moved to the coast. It's got a lot of my lost, loneliness in it. It's got the things I missed. It's my tribute to where we used to be. My love for that place and those people. It's also got some of my work in it - work that I feel I was torn away from, work that I feel has never had the credit it deserves, work that so many people contributed to, that was so important (in my opinion anyway) but was hidden in animosity because it didn't give the results it was 'meant' to. It's got themes I feel very strongly about - like loss, grief, individualism, city vs country, ground truthing 'facts' and theories, family. I guess it's the book of my heart.

Because I feel so strongly about it, I long ago gave up believing in it - because I'm biased, so incredibly biased. Which is why it would be in a box if it was up to me. But now I've gone beyond that...and I'm at a stage where this book could go places...and OMG I want that so badly. I want it more than I can explain. I want it so my heart burns...but I have no control now. It's in the lap of the gods...or the editors. And that's hard to let go.

So I'm faffing around when I know I need to be busy. I'm doing all manner of things, instead of keeping on writing. I'm letting my desires get in the way of business. I'm letting my burning hope stop me going forwards. Cate Ellink is suffering because of my craziness. And I can't let that happen. I love Cate Ellink and her stories too.

So... I need a reboot.

ANZAC test
Today I'm off to watch some Australian Rugby League...and you know what that means (or rather who that means!). I'm off to drool, salivate, lust. I've a new story formulating in my mind and I'm going to watch footy and let Cate Ellink take over...with a lot of help from my #7 inspiration.

I can't wait!!!


  1. Are you waiting for reader feedback, or is it submitted and you're waiting on that side? The waiting sucks - I couldn't agree more.
    Whatever it is - good luck! You've had such a year with Deep Diving & Lana, and now this one by the sound of things, plus Cafe Nix. Busy. Busy for sure.

    1. Hi Lily,
      It's submitted and waiting for that - well, it's accepted but just determining if it's print or e. And it shouldn't matter...but the waiting sucks...and I would really love a print book in my hands even just once, which is silly, but a childhood dream.

      I have had a huge year, and I'm so amazed by that. It's such fun. I'm really lucky. I need to focus on that.

      Thanks so much for your perspective.

      Cate xoxo

    2. I know how you feel about print. I would love that too. Good luck! At least you have lots to distract you!