Friday, July 19, 2013

Phallic Friday - vibes

Are vibrators part and parcel of your every day life?

I'm writing a sex romp story, where the people meet on holidays. I almost wrote a scene with a vibrator, then I thought - would I take a vibe on holidays with me? My answer is no. It's only a fortnight holiday, surely you can do without a vibe for that long. But is that a fair assumption?

I've read plenty of stories with vibes in handbags, luggage, taken into the wilderness, etc etc. But I don't usually carry a handbag. My luggage struggles to meet limits without adding in sex toys. If I was going on a wilderness trip, vibrators would be the last thing I'd think of. I'd be packing that space with first aid, or food, or an extra jumper or socks!!

Sex toys are a part of my life, but they aren't all of my life. They're for special occasions, a bit of extra fun, a quickie when there's no one around, something to add some spice when needed. Maybe that's odd. Maybe I'm odd.

In TV shows or movies, and often when vibes are described, they're small, "like a silver bullet" (although I imagine a very large bullet here), they'd fit into your hand to hide. And maybe that's where I'm on the wrong track. Maybe I need to think small vibe, not the big whoopers with clit teasers and heavy duty motion. But seriously, what fun do you have with a small vibe? Is it that much different to a finger? Fingers are portable, take no extra space, work pretty well. Or have we moved into sex that's not messy, that's cool and small and compact, leaving nothing a tissue can't clean?

Since I'm writing this sex romp, and as I wouldn't take a vibe on holidays, I didn't write the scene with one. But I keep thinking that I might have this wrong...

If you wrote the scene, would you have included a vibe?


  1. I don't know!
    I just read a book called "The Cowboy, The Cheat, His Ex-Wife and Her Vibrator"...
    That's my segue...
    I loved the book. For such a major part of the title, the vibrator, however, got lots of mentions, but no airing... She found a much more animate object to play with!

    lily m

    1. LOL. I have that book lined up but am reading Ainslie Paton's White Balance now and you know how big her books are!

      Oh, so the vibe got in the catchy title but not much air time. Interesting :)

      I think my book can do without the vibe!

      See ya,
      Cate xo