Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Story

Last Sunday I talked about Critique Partners. This week I want to talk about something similar, but more.

RWA is an organisation like no other I've been in. The support from this group is phenomenal. No question is silly. Everything is answered with as much detail as you can handle, and then some! No one is better than anyone else. Everyone is kind, helpful, considerate and overly giving. Sure, there are a couple of bad eggs, but surprisingly few.

RWA is a mixture of writers at varying stages. When I joined I was a complete novice. Five years later, I still feel the same way about the organisation as I did then. It matters not where you are on your writing journey, you fit in... even if you think you don't.

This is an example of what I mean. I've had the incredible experience of published authors assisting my writing (not one, a few can you believe!?). Each time, it's pushed my writing forward in a huge leap. It's often been when I've stalled. I can't find how to make my writing better, yet I'm not winning, not getting picked up. Then along comes this miracle, someone experienced and knowledgeable, who critiques my work, and shows me about a million ways to improve.

Sometimes it comes through an anonymous contest judge. A mentor in a program (like 5DI, or IWS). An idea that's built upon. A random email. I've never expected it. It kind of falls in my lap through some good fortune, for which I will be forever grateful.

If I wasn't in RWA, and probably if I wasn't an active member, this would never have happened. It's the most incredible experience.

So, if you're writing on your own. Stalled. Or unsure where to go. Join RWA. Get involved. Meet people. Chat. Ask questions. Be interested. You just never know what might fall in your lap.