Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday - wren

I snuck down to the beach for this photo even though I have wrens in my backyard. The ones in my backyard are camera shy, whereas at the beach they're quite happy to pose!

This is a female superb blue wren (well, I'm pretty sure it is, there's a tiny niggle that it's not, only because I didn't see any males down there, but the males are in my yard so maybe they don't like the beach and cameras!).

Here's a bit of info about them.
  • They live as a family group.
  • Only the mother sits on the eggs. The others in the group feed and protect the nestlings once hatched, leaving the mother to lay up to three broods per season.
  • Wrens have relatively weak powers of flight but long legs, so they spend most of their time on the ground or in shrubs, going in a series of hops as they gather food.
  • They forage in groups - that way, insects disturbed by one bird may fall victim to another.
  • Nest building is done entirely by the female in 3-4 days, using spiders' webs, fine twigs and grass then lined with wool, feathers or animal hair.


  1. I missed small birds when we were in South Oz. There were so many bloody cats in our street (feral most of them) that little birds got way too smart to stay around for long (I hope!).
    But there have been small birds again back here in WA, including wrens and robin. I love seeing them and so do my kids.
    Love Wildlife Wednesday's Cate.

    Lily M

    1. Hi Lily,
      Little birds are smart, aren't they? They avoid dogs, cats, cameras. How they hear me sneak out with my camera beats me! The big birds don't hear the same things.

      Hope your new block has LOTS of birds large and small for you and the kids.

      Cate xox