Friday, July 12, 2013

Phallic Friday - clothing and attraction

I went and saw Man of Steel at the movies last weekend, which had me thinking about clothes and how they make someone more attractive or not.

Superman is played by Henry Cavill in Man of Steel. And Henry Cavill is a man with many different faces and attires, in this movie and in others.

In The Tudors, he's dressed in historical garb - high collars, open shirts, chain mail, generally darker colours.

As Superman, he's a fisherman in one scene and wears a beanie pulled low over his heavily bearded face.

He's a labourer, in trousers and a singlet/shirt, all sweaty.

He's almost naked, sweaty and sometimes dirty.

He's in a simple t-shirt and flannelette shirt over the top.

He's in a white shirt, sleeves rolled up, a few buttons open.

He's in his body-hugging Superman outfit and cape.

On the movie premiere tours, he's in a suit, all slick, smart and professional.

There are times when I'm so caught by his attractiveness, I stop to stare. Other times I'd walk right on past and not notice him.

How do clothes do this?

You can have a few moments of bliss like I just did and Google images of Henry Cavill, scroll your way through to see if you think clothes do make a difference!

And then you can look all over again and judge by hair. Then by facial hair. Then maybe angle of the photo... LOL! You can see why this post took me ages to write.

Enjoy... but feel free to share your views (me, I loved the dirty sweaty shots, and the fisherman, and the white shirt. I wasn't so fussed on the Superman outfit).


  1. I'll have to check him out. He gets a lot of buzz. I haven't seen Superman and I don't know much about Henry Cavill.
    I tell you what I DO think tho!
    I think the English cricket team is full of better looking blokes than the Aussie cricket team! Cook. Finn. Anderson. There's even something about Jonathan Trott.
    Ours seem to keep dicking around with dumb moustaches! It isn't MoVember yet David Warner!

    Oops. I've hijacked your post :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Lily M

    1. I don't know Lily. I still find the poms a bit too soft and white. Don't know that the Aussies are so hot at the moment, but I haven't defected yet :)

      I don't mind you taking over at all. I got distracted and roamed off on my own tangent that wasn't terribly phallic!

      Cate xo