Friday, July 5, 2013

Phallic Friday - competitive sex

I bet you're wondering what this post is about!

I started writing a story, which has ended up being two different stories. Mid-stride in my first draft a friend said, "You know, all your heroines are kind of wimpy." And when I stopped pouting and looked, they were. So I changed her to be more of a kick-ass heroine...which changed the dynamic of the story which split the story into two. kick-ass heroine (Samantha) is a retired Olympic triathlete, who meets a hunky footy player (Cooper) on a holiday. Attraction flares (or rather ignites in a huge whoosh) and they're going for it. But she's gotta be kick-ass, so the first time she has him pretty much primed ready for sex and walks away. Did I tell you she's a strange girl?!

Her action starts somewhat of a competition, which leads to a conversation like this:

The kiss heats, quickly. In no time Cooper grabs a condom, sheathes himself and probes at my cunt. We’re side by side facing each other. One of my hands on his abdomen, the other encircling his cock. I lift my leg and pause.
“We did it this way last night.” I squeeze my hand on his cock, my other hand stroking downwards towards his balls.
Cooper looks at me, his eyebrow quirked in question.
“Doesn’t it get boring doing it the same way all the time?”
“Sam, nothing about you is boring. Are you bored?”
I need a brain transplant. I can’t believe I started this conversation, let alone started it poised on the brink of more incredible sex. “Never bored. You just spur me to greater things. I don’t think we should repeat sex. I think we need to challenge each other to new things every time.” My hand cups his sac, weighing and lifting his balls, pulsing slowly against them.
Cooper’s head shakes as his lips part in a grin. “And you had to tell me this now?”
“I just woke up. My brain’s not functioning.”
With a laugh, Cooper grabs both my wrists until my hands release him, then flips me onto my stomach. “Different enough for you?” He scoops my hips up and pulls me towards the edge of the bed. On my knees, head and hands against the bed, I turn my head to watch him, waiting to see what he’ll do. 

 They have 10 days together - do you think there's enough ways to have sex that it's never repeated?


  1. Yes absolutely, I have no doubt you can find enough positions, places and props for them to have unique mind-blowing sex for 10 days!
    Love it!

    Lily M