Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Wildlife Wednesday - snorkelling and underwater critters

Selfie :)
After my waves day, I decided to go down to the rockpool and see how the snorkelling was. I was going to go out into the ocean but I was on my own and no one about, so much safer in the rockpool (It's not Fearless Friday so I can totally admit that here!)

I had a few issues:
  • IT WAS FREEZING!!! Much colder than the ocean had been.
  • They'd cleaned it since I was last there and so much of the growth, the larger fish, and the rock on the floor were gone.
  • Did I mention how cold it was?

But I went for a swim anyway, and I was pretty happy with some of the shots. I even dug out Dakin's Australian Seashores to work some of these out!

Side on view - limpet (front), chiton (middle), periwinkles (back)

Top view

Reflection - and there's fish in the middle!

A close up of the fish
Reflections again

Another reflection
Top hat and nudibranch

Nudibranch (sea slug)

I love these things!

Limpet - side on


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