Friday, May 24, 2019

Fearless Friday - waves

I follow lots of photographers on Instagram because they're awesome and photography is something I love. Most of the ones I follow dive or snorkel or spend time in/near water. Some of them take these incredible wave photos...and I've been trying to capture this sort of a shot - and failing!

My camera isn't flash. It's just a point and click but it goes underwater; an Olympus TG-5. I love it, but I'm probably pushing it to its limits with what I'm trying to do (wave photos and night astrophotography seem to have limits!), but I'm not giving up yet.

This wee we've had lovely warm water, warmish air, flat seas with those waves that just pop up and curl over. It seemed to me to be the perfect conditions for me to get braver and try to get under a wave and grab this shot in my mind.

Let's see how I went:

Not so good in so many many shots! Sometimes the surf smacked me hard, other times it just tumbled me around, and sometimes it let me dive through unscathed (thank heavens for mostly that!)

But sometimes there was hope - a wall of water where I just wasn't quite in the right spot.

I'm learning more about my camera, and I'm totally having a ball in the surf. So I'm going to keep trying and one day, I might nail something cool!

Do you have these types of crazy goals too?

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