Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Wildlife Wednesday - the Moon

Moonrise, during sunset - 26th July 2018
I know the Moon isn't wildlife, but I've no place else to categorise it, so we're calling it wildlife for today!

If you follow astrology, it's the eclipse season, where lunar and planetary energies are causing havoc among many people with eclipses and retrogrades during the recent few weeks and a few weeks to come.

I've been following a few posts about this, which is maybe why my interest in the moon has moved into my photography - or maybe it's just the upgraded little point-and-click camera that has some nifty things that's making me try moon shots.

Now, the camera isn't so good as to get great, clear, up close moon photos...but it's better than the shiny blur I used to get, hence my excitement!

So here are some recent moody moon photos from my place :)
Start of the eclipse at 4.30 am - Mars in upper left

As the moon went red at 5.30 am

Moonrise at sunset over the ocean on the 28th July 2018

Moonrise with Mars above, 7.30 pm 29th July 2018

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