Friday, August 3, 2018

Phallic Friday

I've been remiss in not having a Phallic Friday post for a long time. I've had my non-sexy hat on while I try to get a "clean" book finished for the other me!

And while I've been battling with that book, I've gone onto a binge on non-fiction. I've read about 6 writing craft books, and I'm trying to develop stronger stories with more conflict. I'm even thinking I might plot, or at least have some sort of an outline on paper.

I have a Glebe Gannets story in my head though, to follow on from Team Player. Actually, two stories. I had one started, but the second one is calling more loudly to me. It's Ashton, and a polyamory story. Ash is the least likely person to break rules and do something that 'society' frowns upon. So I'm going to try putting him in a relationship that's going to confront him and make him question everything. He's already abrupt and questioning, so heaven knows how this will go! But that's my plan for when my "clean" book's done.

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to getting my smutty mind back out and letting it loose :)

Until then... I'll try to pop some random posts up so I keep myself entertained!

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