Friday, August 18, 2017

Weekly Post Shake Up

I'm having a shake up.


Lots of reasons, like...

1) My camera batteries have died and I'm waiting on new ones and while I do I have no macro, so no bugs even though there's one on my window calling for me to photograph it! :) It's hampering my Wednesdays.

2) I want to rant more but on a wider range of topics.

3) The world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket at the moment and that scares me. I hate seeing what's happening and yet I feel powerless. So I might need to express this.

4) I've been here having my little say for quite a few years now (25 Nov 2009 was my first post), and you've helped me grow, gain confidence, keep to a semi-regular schedule, and do and say things that have been challenging. I'm going to try to keep doing all of that but with more wide-ranging focus. (Maybe, if I'm brave!)

5) I want to try to be a bit more creative in my posts...I'm not entirely sure what that will be just yet...but if I keep things open, then I can explore more freely.

Let's see how I go.

If I get too slack, I'll come back to topics and set days, because they'd been quite good at keeping me focussed and blogging.

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