Friday, August 4, 2017

Phallic Friday - Release Day for Team Player

Today is release day for Team Player!!! The MMF I've been chatting about in recent times.

I did a FaceBook release party slot for JA Low and her release last week, and I realised that I never spend any time on FB chatting to people.

Many years ago, I was addicted to chatting online, and so I've consciously avoided falling into that trap again (because I don't have time for addictions if I want to write, and have a hubby, and eat, etc!). But I have gone the other way where I fly on for a few minutes, chuck a few words on someone's post, like a few things, then fly off and do work, or write, or cook, or living stuff.

But release day is a good time to spend the day chatting with reader friends, isn't it? I'll be juggling the day job with chatting, so hopefully that'll work.

Besides, taking myself to lunch isn't all that exciting :)

So, come and visit me on FaceBook if you're bored today. Hopefully the day job won't decide that they need me to be frantic, and I'll be chatting!

Other places to find me today:
ARRA have a giveaway on their post for Team Player today. (You might need to hunt for it a little)

AusRom Today have a guest post from me today too. (And the lovely J'aimee suggested Team Player was a MUST READ for August, which I'm very happy about, especially since there are some writing friends on that list too).


She’s never been shy about what she wants – and now she wants them both…

Hannah Maynard, sports reporter, is sure it’s only her lust-filled fantasies linking Australian rugby league captain, Charlie Maxxin, with relative newcomer, Lyle Smythe-Jones. She and Charlie have shared quite a few steamy sessions over the years, so surely he’s not in a relationship with the young, unflappable player she’s dubbed Marble Boy?

Hannah lures Charlie to dinner and his reaction is all the answer she needs. But she doesn’t want to report on the biggest secret in Australian sport – she wants to take part. However, it’s not just Charlie’s decision and it can’t be just casual. If Hannah wants in, she has to be all in, with Lyle, with Charlie, and with the hottest action any of them have ever experienced.

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