Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Story - Great Barrier Reef

OMG! Have I got the best book!!!

More details and sales point is here:

Mr E heard about this book on the ABC radio and bought it for me (because I don't have enough books already, you understand! :) ).


The photographs in it are absolutely breath-taking.

It's packed full of information.

It's done by the Queensland Museum, so you know the facts are right, plus the money goes back to the Museum, and they're great places.

We've had some kids visiting us who'd found things on the beach that were unknown to them and Mr E. But I'd done them on Wildlife Wednesdays, so they were familiar to me - goose barnacles, blue bottles, jellyfish, snails. And then we also found them in this book - which turned up the day after the weird objects. I was their science-nerd because my identifications were right. How cool did I feel? :)

Anyway, if you're looking for a gorgeous book about marine life and the Great Barrier Reef, this one is well-priced for it's beauty and facts. I love it!

PS I don't live on the Great Barrier Reef but lots of marine animals are present in other waters, not just on the reef.

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